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This is an excerpt from an article printed in the Observer and Eccentric 11/10/02.

New treatment helps relieve pain in foot and ankle

Observer and Eccentric

A newer treatment for a painful condition caused by corn, calluses and pinched nerves in the foot and ankle can bring relief to many with the need for surgery.

"This type of foot problem can really slow you down," said Steven Watson, a podiatrist of Canton Foot Specialists. "Twenty percent of our patients seek treatment for these conditions."

That mirrors the national average. About one of every five patients is treated for a corn, callus or pinched nerve, also known as a neuroma. That amounts to an estimated 37.6 million patient visits nationally, according to a survey by the American Podiatric Medical Association (APMA).

Collectively these conditions are the second most common complaint of patents who seek foot and ankle care. The first complaint is heel pain.

A procedure known as neurolyisis is now in its second year of use by Canton Foot Specialists to treat corns, calluses and neuromas. Podiatrists as the office first must identify the nerve responsible for the condition. Then, a special solution is administered to de-activate the nerve. The procedure is done over a period of time to prevent damage to the soft tissue surrounding the area of treatment. 

"Neurolysis is the first treatment of choice because it is non- invasive and offers a high rate of success, even over surgery." Said Dr. Watson. "It is safe for patients of all ages, especially for those who cannot have surgery due to circulation and nerve conditions, including diabetes.

Raymond Youvon, who has diabetes, was among the first to have the treatment done for a callus that had caused severe pain for several years. The 72-year-old Westland patient was pleased with the results. "I thought I would have to suffer with this callus forever."

The procedure offers a complete cure for 80 percent of patients and many other experience significant relief.

Successful treatment restores the normal appearance of the foot, eliminates the risk of infection and eases pain.

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