The Tri-Correctional BunionectomySM
This procedure, called Tri-Correctional BunionectomySM, is featured on the Learning Channel© Program The Operation. It provides satisfying results, with only minimal scarring. Dr. Allen Selner, in Los Angeles, CA, has perfected an outpatient bunion procedure with little or no postoperative pain and a quick recovery time.  

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The Tri-Correctional BunionectomySM is an outpatient procedure with little or no postoperative pain and quick recovery time for most patients. It realigns the big toe joint, producing satisfying results with minimal scarring.

The Procedure
1.  Release soft tissue - The surgeon makes a small incision on the side of your big toe. The surgeon works on your toe joint through this incision. 
2.  Cut the metatarsal bone - The surgeon places two cuts on the side of the metatarsal bone so the bone can slide over.
3.  Remove pie-shaped wedge - Next, the surgeon removes a pie-shaped wedge from the top of the bone so the cartillage can be aimed directly ahead and the joint will line up properly.
4.  Rotate cartilage and realign bone - The surgeon now rotates the cartillage and slides the bone over and down.
5.  Pin, then screw to hold in place - After stabilizing the bone with a temporary wire, the surgeon positions a cannulated screw to hold the bone in place while healing. Many times, the bone screw is not needed and a small surgical pin is used instead. This is concelaled under the skin.
6.  Remove the bunion - After the joint is realigned, the surgeon removes any excess bone created by the bunion.
7.  Reposition tendon - Finally, the surgeon repositions the tendon so it is straight over the top of the toe.
8.  Close the incision - The surgeon uses a special plastic surgery technique to close the incision so there is minimal scarring.

Common questions and concerns about the procedure

1.  What will happen to me on the day of my surgery?
Surgery is usually performed early in the morning. You check into the hospital about 1-1/2 hours before your scheduled surgery. You cannot eat anything from midnight the night before. Surgery usually takes 90 minutes. You are in the recovery room for another hour, then your family may pick you up and take you home.
2.  Will it hurt?
There is little or no discomfort after the surgery - most patients do not even take any pain medication. New forms of physical therapy are utilized to reduce pain and swelling.
3.  Will I have a big scar?
No, our surgeons make a small incision in the side of your big toe when they perform the bunion correction procedure. They utilize a special plastic surgery technique to close the incision so scarring is minimal.
4.  Will I be able to return to the athletic activities I am used to?
Yes, most patients may return to normal activities in approximately three to six weeks.
5.  Will I need to buy new shoes?
No, your shoes did not cause your bunion.
6.  Will the bunion come back?
We have a very high success rate and, in our experience, we have not seen any return. The Tri-Correctional BunionectomySM fixes what initially caused your bunion, the crooked big toe joint. Orthotics are sometimes used to support your foot surgery.
7.  Will I need to use crutches?
Possibly, With severe deformities, the bone needs to be moved over a long distance. Therefore, a modified procedure will be done and crutches will be needed to stay non-weight bearing for 3-6 weeks.
8.  Will my children get bunions?
Possibly, Bunion problems can run in families. You should have your children's feet examined to diagnose any problems early.

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